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Please browse my site and enjoy your stay here at vom Theishof!  Please take the time to view each of our family's beautiful dogs, including the great dogs that are no longer with us, for they helped to create what our dogs are today.  Also a must visit is my Testimonials page, you will find many great photos of vom Theishof dogs there too, along with some truly special words from our extended family!  If this is your first time to vom Theishof, drop me a hello and enjoy.  If you have been here before, WELCOME BACK!

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My top producing female at vom Theishof in nearly 30 years, the lovely, Jill vom Theishof...  she has only produced good hips for me and her working ability production is unparalleled.  Jill recently  made FH 1 with me and this was my last requirement for an important new adventure in my IPO life.  She will produce one more litter for me in 2016 and will then be retired so that I can enjoy her as my companion dog for as many years as possible.  I absolutely LOVE this dog and everyone who knows her intimately, knows how special of a dog she truly is.  She will be the most well known dog in Theishof History for what she has done for my program here.


V-1 Jill vom Theishof SchH 1, FH 1, IPO 3, KKL (lbz)

hd ofa good, ed ofa normal, ZW: 71









Myckk vom Theishof

Uric v.d. Piste Trophe 



Jill vom Theishof

VooDoo vom Theishof

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Axxie vom Theishof

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O-Sasha vom Theishof

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Korrah vom Haus Tyson

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Delmira Kira vom Theishof

Huracaan vom Theishof



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